Thank you 2015 is a life changing year.
1. Brought my son from kampung to Singapore to stay with us👨👩👧👦
2. Encountered the darkest moment in my career.
3. Business trip to Tianjin and got a chance to visit the Great Wall China in Beijing.
4. Thanks my primary school Friends that bring Mary Kay to my life. I am so blessed to have many wonderful person / sisters came into my life....
5. Brought kids & in law to cuti cuti Malaysia- Cameron highland , UK Farm.
6. With my mentor help, recruited my first baby beauty consultant 👩👩 I am promoted to senior beauty consultant 👩👩
7. I am so lucky to join my hubby to business trip. Visited south of France Marseille, Cassis, Aix en Provence, Nice, Monaco, Amsterdamamazing trip.
8. Given myself a long holiday to reset to zero and emptied my mind so that I can see the beautiful future.
9. Attended Mary Kay Dream camp for the first time. It inspired me a lot 💃🏻
10. Unexpected promotion to senior test engineer 🙄after 7years.
11. 《Miracles happen》a breakthrough for me to pick up reading again. I know I will become a better person, better Mother and role model for my kids.

2015结束以前 让我回顾今年的喜与悲

1. 年头把儿子接来新加坡跟我们一起住 虽然幸苦不过一家团圆是美好的
2. 儿女生病 我经历了事业低潮 为公司拼了命换来是大家的冷言冷语 看清楚很多人与事
3. 去了一趟天津公干 顺便到了北京登上了长城当好汉💪🏻
4. 带了孩子公公婆婆去小旅行 金马伦高原 uk farm
5. 感恩小学同学让我认识了玫琳凯 让我灰暗的天空有了一丝彩虹🌈
6. 感恩有了第一个玫琳凯宝宝 还有朋友圈突然多了好多充满爱的姐妹👭
7. 有幸老公出国公干 我有机会到南法和荷兰走一圈 感恩家婆们帮我照顾孩子
8. 放了自己一个大假 让思绪归零 从新出发
9. 第一次参加玫琳凯梦想营 看到嫁给玫琳凯的女人有多幸福💏
10. 意外的升职不起薪🙄
11. 有了梦想看到了未来 丰富女性人生 八大平衡 💃🏻


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